The Game of Pocket Mending

Poverty is a bummer. There’s nothing fun about having to worry about if you can eat, or if you’ll have enough money for gas to go to work. Oh, and what about that “life-changing” interview that requires professional attire. Well, if you haven’t already sold your suit, I guess you’re in luck! Heck, what about bus fare! Now, that’s not cool.

During my lifetime, I have literally known persons from all income brackets. In addition, there have been several that have gone from riches to rags overnight. Upon reflection, it’s apparent that a friend would have been the best remedy. Yet, what do “friends” talk about when one person is on a jet to Hawaii and the other is sleeping in a car at Walmart?

Money-saving, and generating, apps are like an adult game that everyone can share. It seems like there are ones for everyone; and, the benefits lead to discounted food, cheaper transportation, and tax deductions. Finally there’s also a way people can help one another without even having to give a dime, or have their friend lose his or her autonomy! Now, what’s the excuse for not being a friend? Well, if you keep reading, I’ll tell you. Perhaps I’ll be able to offer some solutions to this predicament too.

In the meantime, since food is something everyone needs, why not start your app adventure with Ibotta:

Ibotta Image _ 6.13.16

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