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The New Image of Pocket Mending

Pocket Mending have some sad news. Thomas is no longer with us. He was a positive man, and struggled very hard in belief that the apps that he had discovered may release financial worry. Unfortunately, his vision did not come true to the degree he had hoped, and we have decided to restructure. We apologize for the delay, but Thomas was also a private man who preferred mourning to be in silence.

The Origin of Pocket Mending” exposes a passion towards brainstorming, so that’s how we will begin. Sometimes, mending is invisible. There are shreds within a person that develop from a number of things that people find ways to piece back together. For example, if a person has a bad week at work he or she may find going out on Friday helps to “mend” the resulting energy depletion. Also, who is doing the act of “mending?”

As for pockets, well these are not merely sewn pieces of fabric on a garment. There are pockets of time that people find ways to fill and others that are left empty. Is there a way to fill this emptiness with something productive, lucrative, and/ or enjoyable? What are the uses of pockets, and what does that mean? It’s our hope that by broadening the spectrum of what Pocket Mending means, that we are able to offer greater value to other’s lives. 

Filing for Bankruptcy

Thomas has come to realize that he may need to file for bankruptcy. Last week, he was the victim of two new scams, and realized the “help” he had thought was received was also dishonest. When asking for a copy of his credit report, he discovered that the document they kept referring to as such was not.

Thomas has applied to over 700 jobs since receiving his Master’s degree. He’s tired, and his morale is low. The experiences have also left him feeling physically ill, and he does not feel very desirable. Yet, in hopes of meeting new people, he downloaded a dating app. Unfortunately, after spending over an hour updating his profile with information regarding what he was looking for, the only people who contacted him were the opposite.

The Origin of Pocket Mending

The title Pocket Mending came from a brainstorm performed while searching the availability of associated websites on WordPress. The first several were taken, but then a saying about someone having a hole in their pocket was remembered. According to Dictionary.com, the definition of “money burning a hole in one’s pocket” is “money that someone has just acquired and is eager to spend.”

While coming up with a name, the burning part of the phrase was forgotten. Instead, the idea of a hole in one’s pocket was the only part remembered, and inspired the image of someone losing his or her money. Since the founder is a fashion lover, he imagined mending it so there would be no more loss.

However, with this new awareness towards the phrase, “money burning a hole in one’s pocket,” and it’s definition, he found another dynamic of this very interesting. Often times, if he is without money for an extended amount of time, when it is acquired he finds that he spends more than when there is financial consistency. In the past, he has read studies about this, and has been told it’s  a common occurrence.

In his circumstance, this has occurred due to the need to purchase tiny luxuries that he had to be without for an extended amount of time. When in poverty, the length of his wait for income has determined the extent of sacrifices. For example, if he only had $5, he would eliminate things like ketchup. In that sense, he imagines coming out of poverty could lead to a hole being burnt, because as soon as he gets the money he’s going to stock up on ketchup like nobody’s business! Yet, maybe with these money saving techniques, mending still can occur.

This is Who I am, and This is Why I am Here

The founder of the blog, Pocket Mending is a single, 34 year old, Caucasian male. He does not have a lease, mortgage, car, and lives on very limited income. In fact, when he got his tax information for 2015, he found out that he made less than $100 for the whole year! He filed an extension, because he couldn’t believe it.

Within a year, his credit score went from the 700’s to the 500’s. He refused to file bankruptcy, because ethically he believes a person should pay everything they owe. However, he has come to realize that when a person hits hard times, sometimes they can only pay a portion of what they are indebted to. He has yet to file bankruptcy, still hopes not to, but has received some help.

Until the last three years, he was self-reliant, and never had trouble finding jobs. He has a Master’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree, and lives in Texas. In addition, he’s been officially working since he was 15 years old with the only times between employment being dedicated to full-time education. However, since his early to mid 20’s, he has been without healthcare. He has never been able to afford it.

Due to the recent struggles that he’s encountered, he’s had to pinch every penny possible. Believe it or not, this does include continuing to smoke cigarettes as it is an appetite suppressant; and, he’s in a situation in which he has been refused necessary proof of residency in order to apply for food stamps etc.

Luckily, prior to his credit score drop, he got an iPhone 5s, and has recently discovered apps. These apps, along with some shopping habits formed prior to their discovery, have saved him tremendous amount of money. This blog focuses on these stories, and will provide occasional reviews of one of technology’s most convenient, efficient, and helpful developments.