Pocket Mending will be adding new categories for App review and discussion. Below is a list of topics under consideration:

* Social

* Money

* Employment

* Beauty

* Education

Please leave a comment, if there are any other categories you’d like to read about. All suggestions are appreciated. 


The New Image of Pocket Mending

Pocket Mending have some sad news. Thomas is no longer with us. He was a positive man, and struggled very hard in belief that the apps that he had discovered may release financial worry. Unfortunately, his vision did not come true to the degree he had hoped, and we have decided to restructure. We apologize for the delay, but Thomas was also a private man who preferred mourning to be in silence.

The Origin of Pocket Mending” exposes a passion towards brainstorming, so that’s how we will begin. Sometimes, mending is invisible. There are shreds within a person that develop from a number of things that people find ways to piece back together. For example, if a person has a bad week at work he or she may find going out on Friday helps to “mend” the resulting energy depletion. Also, who is doing the act of “mending?”

As for pockets, well these are not merely sewn pieces of fabric on a garment. There are pockets of time that people find ways to fill and others that are left empty. Is there a way to fill this emptiness with something productive, lucrative, and/ or enjoyable? What are the uses of pockets, and what does that mean? It’s our hope that by broadening the spectrum of what Pocket Mending means, that we are able to offer greater value to other’s lives. 

Feeding the Hungry

There’s an app out there that can take the guilt away from going out to eat. Although you have to apply for it, once downloaded you have the opportunity of reviewing restaurants in your area. Upon doing so, a meal gets sent to someone in need via organizations like No Kid Hungry. The app is called Servy:

On a side note, the CEO & Co-Founder  of this company is awesome. Occasionally he’ll send stories and nice emails. This personal element adds to the feeling of being part of a community. Please be mindful, Servy is a rather new company, and has yet to be able to offer reimbursement to everyone who performs shopping evaluations. However, you can always pay attention to your receipts. Did you know many corporate chains will give you free entrees, side items, and/ or drinks if you submit a review for them as well? By doing so, I got four entrees and an appetizer for $11.80 at Panda Express. The excursion fed me, a friend of mine, and one of the many hungry Americans that couldn’t afford the meal at the time.

As a member of Mystery Shopping Providers Association: North America, I also found Servy to be a wonderful self-training tool. I don’t know about you, but sometimes the “jitters” overcome me when starting a new job. Through Servy, I realized that finding apps similar to job functions is a great way to refine professional skills, and with Servy you also get to help someone while doing so. How can you beat that!

Filing for Bankruptcy

Thomas has come to realize that he may need to file for bankruptcy. Last week, he was the victim of two new scams, and realized the “help” he had thought was received was also dishonest. When asking for a copy of his credit report, he discovered that the document they kept referring to as such was not.

Thomas has applied to over 700 jobs since receiving his Master’s degree. He’s tired, and his morale is low. The experiences have also left him feeling physically ill, and he does not feel very desirable. Yet, in hopes of meeting new people, he downloaded a dating app. Unfortunately, after spending over an hour updating his profile with information regarding what he was looking for, the only people who contacted him were the opposite.

Neighborhood Voyages

One of the things people tend to take for granted when they have readily available income, is the psychological relief that being able to travel gives a them. Is there anything a person can do to attain this same sort of release in their own backyard? What if you live far from a major metropolitan area?

Checkout 51 is a rather new app for me. I’ve only used it twice so far, because I first thought it was for parents. There are a ton of deals on there for diapers and other such supplies.

Well, I don’t have kids, and may not if things don’t turn around. In fact, anything baby related actually makes me a little upset. Regardless, like an expecting mamma, I get my cravings too; and, sometimes these urges can be a catalyst for awesomeness. In fact, it was the desire for chocolate that resulted in the exploring of Checkout 51 to its entirety.

Around midnight, I decided to give in and follow an Ibotta inspired craving for Enjoy Life cookies, but the suckers are like $1,000 a box (or, might as well be.) Yet, the desire was strong, so I gave in. While leaving the store, I decided to give Checkout 51 another look. Lo-and-behold, there was a listing for Enjoy Life cookies there too for $1 cash back.
Discovering this deal was like discovering the Holy Grail. With the two apps together, I got more than half off the entire box. Then I realized one of the unspoken beauties of money-saving with coupons, discounts, and rebates. In addition to a nice surprise, you can use them for scavenger hunts.

For example, when I have money, I’m brand loyal like you wouldn’t believe. Yet, sometimes I need something and just don’t have enough for that ideal product. Enter one of the useful beauties of Checkout 51. When the discover bug hits, I can just open up the app, look for something I need, and explore a new brand at a discounted price. Who knows, maybe I’ll even find one to sway me.

Now, it’s your turn. Voyage to the depths of your phone, and get yourself some snacks!


In the post, “It’s Time to Disrupt the Disruptors, or Maybe I’m Just New,” Jennifer Tweedie made an interesting suggestion about bringing change to the industry of Marketing through the acquiring of more diversified participants. At first, I wasn’t quite sure how her comments were disruptive, so I did some research.

For those of you who don’t know what disruption is in business, Caroline Howard of Forbes provides a rather clear definition in her article, “Disruption Vs. Innovation: What’s The Difference?

Disruption takes a left turn by literally uprooting and changing how we think, behave, do business, learn and go about our day-to-day.

Having access to a car is not a luxury that all share, and not everyone has access to public transportation. This is something Uber has helped to resolve.

As one of today’s most innovative, app-based, companies on the market, Uber has provided anyone with a smartphone the ability to call a ride when needed.

The app will look likes this:

If you use this code when signing up, your first ride will be free: rebeccac9335ue

After you sign-up, you get a screen when you open the app. It should look something like this:

The great thing is, after you’ve created an account you will also get a code. With this code, the love can be shared, by passing it on so that other newbies can get a free ride.

After you’ve tried it, leave a comment and let everyone know what you think. Enjoy Uber!

The Game of Pocket Mending

Poverty is a bummer. There’s nothing fun about having to worry about if you can eat, or if you’ll have enough money for gas to go to work. Oh, and what about that “life-changing” interview that requires professional attire. Well, if you haven’t already sold your suit, I guess you’re in luck! Heck, what about bus fare! Now, that’s not cool.

During my lifetime, I have literally known persons from all income brackets. In addition, there have been several that have gone from riches to rags overnight. Upon reflection, it’s apparent that a friend would have been the best remedy. Yet, what do “friends” talk about when one person is on a jet to Hawaii and the other is sleeping in a car at Walmart?

Money-saving, and generating, apps are like an adult game that everyone can share. It seems like there are ones for everyone; and, the benefits lead to discounted food, cheaper transportation, and tax deductions. Finally there’s also a way people can help one another without even having to give a dime, or have their friend lose his or her autonomy! Now, what’s the excuse for not being a friend? Well, if you keep reading, I’ll tell you. Perhaps I’ll be able to offer some solutions to this predicament too.

In the meantime, since food is something everyone needs, why not start your app adventure with Ibotta:

Ibotta Image _ 6.13.16

Use this link to download: https://ibotta.com/r/hskeidi You’ll even get some extra money just for signing up!