The New Image of Pocket Mending

Pocket Mending have some sad news. Thomas is no longer with us. He was a positive man, and struggled very hard in belief that the apps that he had discovered may release financial worry. Unfortunately, his vision did not come true to the degree he had hoped, and we have decided to restructure. We apologize for the delay, but Thomas was also a private man who preferred mourning to be in silence.

The Origin of Pocket Mending” exposes a passion towards brainstorming, so that’s how we will begin. Sometimes, mending is invisible. There are shreds within a person that develop from a number of things that people find ways to piece back together. For example, if a person has a bad week at work he or she may find going out on Friday helps to “mend” the resulting energy depletion. Also, who is doing the act of “mending?”

As for pockets, well these are not merely sewn pieces of fabric on a garment. There are pockets of time that people find ways to fill and others that are left empty. Is there a way to fill this emptiness with something productive, lucrative, and/ or enjoyable? What are the uses of pockets, and what does that mean? It’s our hope that by broadening the spectrum of what Pocket Mending means, that we are able to offer greater value to other’s lives. 


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