Feeding the Hungry

There’s an app out there that can take the guilt away from going out to eat. Although you have to apply for it, once downloaded you have the opportunity of reviewing restaurants in your area. Upon doing so, a meal gets sent to someone in need via organizations like No Kid Hungry. The app is called Servy:

On a side note, the CEO & Co-Founder  of this company is awesome. Occasionally he’ll send stories and nice emails. This personal element adds to the feeling of being part of a community. Please be mindful, Servy is a rather new company, and has yet to be able to offer reimbursement to everyone who performs shopping evaluations. However, you can always pay attention to your receipts. Did you know many corporate chains will give you free entrees, side items, and/ or drinks if you submit a review for them as well? By doing so, I got four entrees and an appetizer for $11.80 at Panda Express. The excursion fed me, a friend of mine, and one of the many hungry Americans that couldn’t afford the meal at the time.

As a member of Mystery Shopping Providers Association: North America, I also found Servy to be a wonderful self-training tool. I don’t know about you, but sometimes the “jitters” overcome me when starting a new job. Through Servy, I realized that finding apps similar to job functions is a great way to refine professional skills, and with Servy you also get to help someone while doing so. How can you beat that!


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