This is Who I am, and This is Why I am Here

The founder of the blog, Pocket Mending is a single, 34 year old, Caucasian male. He does not have a lease, mortgage, car, and lives on very limited income. In fact, when he got his tax information for 2015, he found out that he made less than $100 for the whole year! He filed an extension, because he couldn’t believe it.

Within a year, his credit score went from the 700’s to the 500’s. He refused to file bankruptcy, because ethically he believes a person should pay everything they owe. However, he has come to realize that when a person hits hard times, sometimes they can only pay a portion of what they are indebted to. He has yet to file bankruptcy, still hopes not to, but has received some help.

Until the last three years, he was self-reliant, and never had trouble finding jobs. He has a Master’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree, and lives in Texas. In addition, he’s been officially working since he was 15 years old with the only times between employment being dedicated to full-time education. However, since his early to mid 20’s, he has been without healthcare. He has never been able to afford it.

Due to the recent struggles that he’s encountered, he’s had to pinch every penny possible. Believe it or not, this does include continuing to smoke cigarettes as it is an appetite suppressant; and, he’s in a situation in which he has been refused necessary proof of residency in order to apply for food stamps etc.

Luckily, prior to his credit score drop, he got an iPhone 5s, and has recently discovered apps. These apps, along with some shopping habits formed prior to their discovery, have saved him tremendous amount of money. This blog focuses on these stories, and will provide occasional reviews of one of technology’s most convenient, efficient, and helpful developments.


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